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  • "A Shade of Blue I Mistook for Red" (EP) - 2023
  • "Hallucinations" (Single) - 2022
  • "song i wrote on the bathroom floor" (EP) - 2022 (25k + streams)
  • "I'll Find You" (Single) - 2021 (22k+ streams)
  • "I've Danced with the Devil" (Single) - 2021
  • "477" (Single) - 2020
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  • Origin:  New Delhi, India
  • Genres:  Alternative, Pop, Singer-Songwriter
  • Years Active: 2016- Present
  • Label:  Independent
Mehr’s a 23-year-old Singer-Songwriter from New Delhi, India. She has been songwriting since the age of 10 and has been singing for even longer. Growing up, she spent a lot of time keeping everything inside her, and when it felt too much, she used songwriting as a medium to express it. Mehr finds herself in the seas, trees, mountains, and the winds. She considers herself as merely a collection of words and colors and spends a lot of her time trying to find ways to express it. Most of her music revolves around finding herself. For Mehr, every song is a fable - reflections of fragments of her life. She’s learning to love and be more human every day and hopes you find a fragment of yourself in her music.
  • Hyatt Regency Artist of the Month, March 2024 - Fridays & Saturdays Live Performance
  • Performed at Restaurants & Cafes such as Summerhouse Cafe, Auro Kitchen and Bar, AM-PM, Unwind Ansal Plaza, Imperfecto, No Filter, La vie en Rose, CAD Bar, Studio Ekko, Hosteller, Color Farms, Going Bad, Lets Bunk Poshtel, etc.
  • Performed for Art Curations & Events such as The Art Curry, Kala Godha Records, Free the Verse and Transfurmative 
  • Performed at Restaurants & Cafes such as The Story-tellers Bar, Mel Whisks, PY Cafe, Blah-Blah Pondy
  • Performed for Events at Art Brute in Auroville and for 100+ people at Kalabhumi Studios Theatre.
New York
  • Performances in the Virtual mode for International associations such as Sessions Live, Quadio and CWTM
 For Bookings & Inquiries:
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